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Couponing at Target

How’s this couponing thing sinking in for ya’ll so far? Good hopefully! I know it seems like a lot but I promise that once you get the hang of it it will be easy peasy, even for several different stores. Trust me when I first wanted to learn how to do this I was so overwhelmed and had no idea where to start, now that I’ve pretty much got it figured out I have no idea why I stressed so much.

On to one of my favorite stores, Target! Who else loves Target as much as me?! Everybody? I thought so ūüôā Not only do they have¬†super cute clothes and home decor stuff but it is a goldmine for saving money!

Target Apps

Target has 2 different apps that are very useful when it comes to couponing. First there’s Cartwheel. Basically you select offers on the app and redeem at the register. Mostly its percentage off certain items, but there are sometimes coupons on there as well. These are generally manufacturer coupons, it will say on it whether it is or not, and they are single use. Once you have selected the offer then when you go to checkout you’ll scan the barcode found on the app and it will take off any matching offers (always Cartwheel scan first before any other coupons). It does have a limited amount of spots to select offers but there are way of unlocking more spots, like saving a certain amount of money etc. All this is found in the app.

There is also the regular Target app. This one is not totally necessary but I find it super helpful. It will show you the price of items, where they are located in your store, and if they are in stock or on sale. (Note: This is not 100% accurate, the item you are looking for might be out of stock even if it says in stock on the app. Always check with an associate just in case). It will also show you if there are any promotions related to that items. Ex. Buy 3 get $5 gift card, or 10% savings on Cartwheel.

On both apps there is an option to scan the barcode of the item in store and it will show you price and any available promotions.

Target is great for couponing in that they allow you to stack Target coupons, with manufacturer coupons, and with Cartwheel offers. What?!

A couple of things to note about Target’s coupon policy:

  1. They only allow 4 like coupons per transaction. So, for example, you could only use four $2 off Tide Pods coupons. You could use a whole stack of coupons in a transaction, but you could only use 4 of each. This is a system requirement, it has nothing to do with cashier preference.
    1. Also, if you happen to be using a MFC (manufacturer coupon) from the Cartwheel (CW) app, this counts towards your 4 coupon limit. Ex. One $3 Huggies coupon on CW and three $3 Huggies paper coupons
    2. If you want you can do multiple transactions as allowed.
  2. You can use coupons on clearance!
  3. Target does not give overage, if the coupon is more than what the item costs, the coupon will reduce to the amount of the item.

Now for a deal breakdown example.

Buy 4 Axe deodorant at 3.99 each, receive $5 gift card.

  • Use four $1.50 off Axe deo coupons,
  • Pay $10.78 (with tax) out of pocket
  • Receive $5 gift card.
  • Like paying $5.78 or $1.45 each!

Remember you can roll gift cards at Target. So if you already have a gift card, you can use it to pay for a coupon transaction that will result in another gift card.¬†Note: It is a good idea to¬†combine your¬†gift cards together if you end up with more than one so you don’t lose one or forget about it.¬†You can do this at the register or at customer service.¬†

Registry Coupons

When you create a registry at Target they will send you a 15% off coupon on your remaining items on your registry. I am pretty sure this applies to both baby registry and wedding registries. You can use this coupon together with other promotions for even more savings. I always encourage friends to register for every size of diaper and different size packages. That way you can use the coupon on a diaper deal. You can do this online instead of standing in the store scanning each type of package. Up to you which you prefer. 

  • Your registry gift bag usually has pretty good coupons in it as well as samples. Don’t forget to ask for it when you create your registry.

Another thing you can do with gift card promotion is double stacking them. For instance, “Buy $100 of Baby Stuff, Get $25 Gift Card,” and they are also doing “Buy 2 Huggies box Diapers, get $10 Gift Card.” You can do both of these at the same time and receive multiple gift cards.

Diaper Deal:

  • Buy 4 Huggies box diapers at $24.29
  • Buy 2 Huggies single wipes at $1.97
  • Total before coupons = $101.10
  • Scan registry coupon – 15.17
  • Use four $3 off Huggies – 12
  • Use two $.50 off Huggies wipes – 1
  • Pay $72.93 + tax out of pocket
  • Get one $25 gift card
  • and two $10 gift cards
  • Like paying $27.93 + tax for all of that!


There you have it! Those are some generally guidelines to get you started saving money at Target! If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an email!

Happy Couponing!




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