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On the Range

So I thought I would take a few minutes and delve into why I chose the name LaRue on the Range, other than the fact that it’s quite catchy!

One of JW and my dreams is to one day buy a few acres and start a homestead. My definition of a homestead is a place where you live and engage in activities that help sustain yourself and your family, such as having a garden and raising livestock. I grew up in the country and we usually had a horse or two and the occasional flock of chickens and I absolutely loved it! I didn’t live in an actual neighborhood until I married JW.

One of those dreams includes a sweet little Jersey cow that provides us with delicious, creamy milk, butter, and maybe cheese one day! And of course chickens, they are my favorite!

So part of this blog’s purpose is to document our journey to having our own homestead. I don’t know if we’ll ever be completely self-sufficient but I hope to have solar panels, grow a vegetable garden, and raise our own meat! I welcome any comments and questions!

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