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Couponing 101

I love to save money. Yes, I know what you’re going to say. Everyone likes to save money! But I love it. I watched several episodes of TLC’s Extreme Couponing and I was hooked. Now actually figuring out how to do it was a different story. After pouring over Pinterest post after post and trying and failing, I finally, sort of kind of, consider myself a Coupon Queen.

Couponing helps me to afford nicer things for my family. As a one income household we do our best to make money stretch! Before couponing, I would buy the cheapest cheap stuff, cheap laundry detergent, cheap shampoo, you get the idea. Now, with couponing, I can get better brands for way less than even the cheapy stuff. And it enables me to be able to buy stuff for my family that I can’t coupon for.

But one thing I love almost as much as saving money, is helping others learn how to save money! So I am starting a Couponing 101 series. I’m not going to guarantee an Extreme Couponing experience, those are very unrealistic. I can show you how to realistically save money on everyday items for your family. Stay tuned for several posts where I will cover basic couponing at some of our local stores! I am planning a Coupon Class for those who need a more hands on approach but for now this will get you started. Subscribe for email updates about these posts!

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